The One With... A Green Shirt

J'adore cette chemise ! Je l'ai également en noir et en blanc, je trouve qu'en terme de chemise basique, bien coupée et confortable on n'a pas vu mieux. Et j'aime aussi beaucoup la couleur...

I love that shirt ! I also have a black and a white one, I've never seen a better shirt that's so simple, well cut and comfy. And I also love this color...

Chemise / Shirt : Camaïeu
Pantalon / Pants : Remixx
Pochette / Clutch : H&M
Chaussures / Shoes : André

Merci pour vos commentaires ! - Thanks for your comments !

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  1. I love your shirt, it's so nice! An the shoes are gorgeous.


  2. Pretty! The color of the shirt is beautiful, looks good on you! :)

  3. That turquoise shade is gorgeous on you, you really suit that color! <3 So glad I clicked on your comment that led me back to your blog, your posts' contents are info and image juicy so expect to be seeing some regular comments from me. You must see my new outfit post sporting Nicholas Ghesquiere for BALENCIAGA pieces from the good ol' days, it's architectural inspired with quirky textures. Do tell me what you think on the provoking pieces ;)

    xx The Provoker

  4. love this outfit
    very nice shirt

  5. Nice post!
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  6. Bonjour!! jolie chemise!!
    j adore ce look )

    Angela Donava

  7. lovely outfit
    i love the colour of your shirt

  8. Ooh i have this shirt as well - great minds! it looks so pretty on you :) xx

  9. ah j'adore cette chemise, est-ce que c'est du coton??


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